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France holidays at risk as Covid restrictions tightened for vaccinated Brits


FRANCE has tightened its Covid restrictions – which will make it harder for Brits to visit attractions and restaurants while on holiday.

The country has made it more difficult for vaccinated Brits to get a vaccine pass, which is required to enter most indoor venues.


France has tightened its Covid restrictions which could mean Brits can’t access restaurants and barsCredit: Alamy

Currently, all French people and tourists aged 16 and over need to use a vaccine pass to enter places such as restaurants and bars.

To get the pass, people must show they are fully vaccinated – but there is a time limit on it, so anyone who received their second dose more than seven months ago needs to have had the booster jab.

However, from February 15, that seven-month expiration date is being reduced to just four months.

That means Brits who had their second vaccine before mid-October and haven’t had their booster jab won’t be able to get a Covid pass.

Thankfully the restriction might only be short-lived, as France has announced it could scrap the need for a Covid vaccine pass from next month.

Government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said that this could happen by the end of March.

He said: “There are reasons to hope that by this time horizon the situation will have improved sufficiently for us to be able to lift its final measures.

“The number of cases is down 35 percent, the reproduction rate of the virus is now 0.77 – this shows that the epidemic is regressing.»

Earlier this week, France announced plans to scrap the requirement for vaccinated travellers to show evidence of a negative Covid test upon arrival too.

In an interview on France 2 TV, Europe Minister Clément Beaune said the testing requirement will be scrapped, with an announcement «in the coming days».

A growing number of holiday destinations have ditched the need for Brits to show evidence of a negative Covid test.

Greece and Portugal are the latest countries to announce Brits no longer need a negative Covid test to enter if they are fully vaccinated.

And Spain has scrapped the strict travel rules for teenagers, meaning they no longer need to be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

We’ve rounded up the 33 countries Brits can enter without needing a Covid test.

France has made it more difficult for people to get a Covid pass which they need to gain access to restaurants and bars


France has made it more difficult for people to get a Covid pass which they need to gain access to restaurants and barsCredit: Alamy

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